40 Years of experience

Since 40 years LEAS is synonymous of competence and innovation in Electro Resistance Welding and Industrial Automation.
Thanks to its technical and technological knowledge and experience, LEAS is now recognized as a Market Leader by major customers worldwide.

Application range includes dedicated machines and turn-key plant solution in the field of steel plate radiators, heating plates, tubular radiators, boilers, expansion tanks, compressors and condensers for refrigerators, stainless steel sinks, kitchen ovens, structural profiles for automotive industry.

ERW technology is applied to spot welding, projection welding and seam roll welding machines, associated where needed to MIG-MAG and TIG technology and fully integrated with most advanced mechatronic systems to grant every customer the best available automatic solution to his specific requirements. Flexibility, experience, co-engineering approach and high qualification of the staff allow LEAS to offer a 360° service, assuring customers an excellent support during the analysis, planning, delivery and installation of the machines, considering as key-factor not only the technical aspect of offered solutions, but focusing on customers' R.O.I. and cost-benefit ratio.

LEAS is continuously and strongly investing in R&D to offer cutting edge solutions, benefitting from strong internal technical department and own design and production of all welding equipment, including AC-DC and Medium Frequency welding transformers and controls, used in its lines.

For this reason LEAS is also a trustable supplier of OEM welding equipment to other welding machines manufacturers.
Whenever Welding Technology and Industrial Automation is involved, LEAS is The Right Solution.


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